Q0024. Do you recognize this?

N. Sommer

My soul love is 12 years older, wonderfully stubborn and since two years I have not seen him. I don’t know how to make contact. I no longer work with him. It is true that I think of him very often (daily) and feel wingless without him. I call him to mind and send him sweet words. (Thought) I don’t know if he feels anything about it. Do you recognize this?

You call it “wingless,” someone called it “amputated,” often people feel “incomplete” or “incomplete” without contact with their soul love. That you feel this and that you keep thinking about someone like that is very normal. It will be less but it will never disappear and that is not a problem because it is a part of you. Just try to see it as a normal part of your life. Even though it feels strange that part of yourself is not with you.