Q1251. What can I do?


Hello, since a year or two I have been on a more spiritual path. I have a guide (co-light worker) who helps me, etc. Now we have recently solved a karma, etc., feel since then, and actually already an incredible attraction to my soul. He is married, I single. But feel such an immense bond with him. Also know that we are having sex energetically and that is great. Only he does not always tell me that you should feel ed. Don’t know what to do with this because my ego naturally wants to be with him. Sometimes then I think I make this up? but everything is right, working out karma, totally different types of opposites, but I am enormously attracted to him at a much higher level. He likes to say everyone, but recently I heard someone say that we really have a very different beautiful connection. Really not what I have to do with this.

Answer 1
Move away as quickly as possible, let go and take sessions at another. That may take years and may hurt deeply, but you will be able to let it go.