P0038. How it feels


… when I entered the deepening phase with myself and experienced the fusion with my twinflame, it was a fierce period for me, yes I was in love but not in the normal way, it was a longing for that other part of myself ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, nostalgia is still there, we have not met yet, I leave that completely to the guidance of our guides as I believe you should leave this to the higher ,,, oh well I can still tell so much ,,,, I wrote this poem then and want to share this with you.

Take me where my thoughts are, what my soul longs for, it almost hurts
A lump in my throat almost stifling, why? I’m free, right?
I impose this limitation on myself, these desires, these feelings, the joy, is the way to the all-encompassing, the wholeness, the freedom of the soul.
The contact with the all, the love
. are you, my desires for you, wanting to know where you have been
How was your life,,
your pain, felt by me Your pain, my pain, sharing, healing, through our boundless love
Now it is mine, from GOD inevitably on the way unfolded by GOD
Now my dear, you always hold my hand in my heart thinking of you
I have experienced everything, it was worth it
If I stand before you yearning with desire, to kiss away your wounds, if there are any, with my love for you, you, take me in your arms
Let me warm to your love for me, protective, look at me, take some of my strength my light
Talking together how your life has been
Tell me whispering your longing for me ,,,,,, take me along ,,,, take me away to the one- be ,,,,,,,
Show me in your GOD, the source of all that is
Show me that my craving, my longing for you has not been for nothing
Complete me, make me whole, carry me on your cloud of love
Show me everything that is hidden in you
Together ,,, tell me the sorrow of the world politely, seen through your eyes
Whisper me your lessons, your experiences, and let us merge in love into light and power ONE