Q1243. Soul relationship versus earth relationship?


Since a week I have come to realize that it is indeed possible at soul level to be connected with your twinflame in love, but that it is no guarantee of a successful earthly relationship. In short: these two types of relationships can exist completely independently of each other, I notice! Very occasionally I wonder what the added value of a soul relationship is, if the other person totally does not believe in it, so to speak. I trust that God DOES know that.
Where previously it did not exist in my world that it would become nothing between us, I now see that it would have been far from ideal at this moment. And yet I know, I feel and I notice that he and I have ‘a line’. Also in the earthly, but more with practical things than with romantic things. Are there people here who also experience this?

Answer 1
I more or less asked myself that question in ‘What was the goal’.
You write: “In short: these two types of relationships can exist completely independently of each other, I notice!”
The target; as I think, the unconditional love received and the energy we exchange is used for positive things. Learn from and complement each other. This is also reflected many times in the experience stories that I read here and there. But I am a woman and I also feel earthly love. For me this chemistry between man and woman with my twinflame is difficult to separate. I haven’t seen it in a long time and this blurs the feeling of being in love. I hope that I can adjust my brain so that the thoughts for which it is intended can make me familiar. And not if I would see him again who falls in love. I would prefer to just be friends with him.
I think it’s great that you can separate those two things. I take my hat off for that!

Answer 2
This is my idea: We have only one experience, which encompasses two aspects, the life of the soul and the earthly. In our experience, one cannot do without the other. We do not feel this as an obligation. On the contrary, it is a liberation, simply because we are each in our own natural state and yet together, in our most natural state.
You inevitably get into trouble when you see one separate from the other. If one is a true twinflame one cannot make a divorce on any level. We think it’s just about awareness in oneness. God is one and we (man) are his image. The twinflame living together in true harmony in the earthly is a material expression of this great truth. (Unknown)