Q1242. Met twinflame via internet?


I’ve had a strange feeling for a few months now. But I don’t know how to deal with it. It is about a boy who places all kinds of videos about things that really appeal to me & are super recognizable to me! From the first moment I started to feel a certain love for him while I didn’t know him well! He just gave me a very familiar and warm feeling! Through his videos I got to know him better, and I have the feeling that we are almost alike in many ways! I also think that we have the same opinion on many things. I found out with his videos! But I think it’s a special feeling & it’s indescribable! Is it possible that I can feel this through the internet? I have also seen him in a dream very briefly! It was in an attic room & suddenly there was a bright white light and less than a second later he smiled at me, and shortly afterwards I woke up! I have not forgotten that fragment yet! Do you perhaps know what this means? Could this mean more?