Q0749. Karmic relationships?


I think that many, before or during meeting their twinflame, or anyway, have karma to work out with someone. A life partner, a brother or sister, father or mother or friend / girlfriend / comrade. Maybe only a bike friend or camping friend m / v. Maybe now that your twin is in your life, you still have a lot of karma to work out with partner or friends? I have only had karmic friends. You can also call it reconciliation. Or settle the bill. Probably also with 1 parent and 2 sisters. From short friendship (2 weeks) to longer (12 years). I ask this from the suspicion of correlation between karma and twinflame. Nature always strives for balance, the more balanced the faster the twinflame gets on your path? Does anyone recognize this?

Answer 1
In retrospect, I certainly think that I had to work out karma with a number of people in my life, that they came into my life for a reason. But only karmic friends sound very clinical and not very spontaneous. I also wonder if you can still be open and spontaneous when you look at people like that, are you still open to what your heart tells you or do you place everything and everyone in a karma box? Incidentally, this is not an attack, more curiosity. I know for sure if I would label my marriage as karma, I would use my feelings and my heart less and be more distant and less loving than now. Also, in addition … I think it’s important to make sure your ideas aren’t and opinions about karma never get the upper hand over your heart and soul.

Answer 2
We THINK that we are loving and spontaneous, but that is a reaction to the karma mission, I think. The universe is already a long way ahead of us, it organizes it. Then they also decide on who you first have to go into the sea. that and that, and so on. You finish them all one by one and not at the same time. Because afterwards, you often think: “Oh, so THAT why I had to go with that and that …” at least always me. And then it seems like I spontaneously coped with it and there, but it was definitely a coercion. So yes, yes and not spontaneously. Before my twin had to meet me and operated on me, I got all kinds of tips to go to a certain hospital, which I ignored. Angry doctor, I would cut myself in, etc. And I knew for sure that I had to be in another hospital and I couldn’t explain why.Now I no longer have any karma to work out, I’m thinking badly but no one can come up with this. This is the first time in my life, and I feel more balanced than ever. (Wieweet)

My twinflame is even more calculating than I (questioner) and that is more or less due to our previous life, and only then to his character. It seems as if, in this life, he has karma to fight out with himself. questioner)

Answer 3
I think you are right, I have thought about it that way and then came to some sort of conclusion about the chicken and the egg, perhaps not entirely comparable, but still, I could not make anything else of it. Nevertheless, I think following my heart is the most important starting point. Once my twinflame said to me in a conversation that was about us “oh yes, I had that too”, it couldn’t quite put it back then, but now the better haha. (Unknown)