Q1237. Contact again?


Yesterday I contacted her via Facebook to contact her after years to become a Facebook friend. Years ago I received a rejection, but maybe she is in a different position now. I have not yet received a response and maybe he will come also never but it is worth trying we are each other’s soul loved ones. But we have no earthy contact, actually, weird and after so many years. We feel each other every day and we have ended up in each other’s divine dreams for years.

Answer 1
I have tried to add my soul love via facebook and via linkedin. He completely ignored me. He said that I cannot be trampled and yet he could not erase me from his system. He said that he has found the safety he needs from his wife. He wanted everything or nothing. Then nothing. I am so happy that he found the happiness he needs and I cannot get between them. Loving never goes away and I am so happy that he is happy and married to the woman I wanted for him and that he has become the father of 2 beautiful children. I see him his wife and his children as a part of me and their happiness is my happiness. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I don’t get an answer from her for the 2nd time already. Yes, I am kind of late but we see each other in heaven or something. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Perhaps you should indeed give her time and focus on other things. If she really wants you, she knows where to find you. (Unknown)