Q1076. Attracting and repelling for 21 years already?


I am not really aware of tz But I am delving into it, because I have already been living by H. for 21 years. Here my story. H was in love with me 21 years ago, I did like him, and we had a short-lived relationship. Many other things were going on in my life that brought this to an end. H has always shown that I was the one for him. After a while I got into a relationship with another man and together we had a child, but H was regularly in my mind. H came into my life again and I cheated with him for a while. Again our roads started to separate. And my relationship eventually ended. After a while H contacted me again, again we pulled together like magnets, only this time he was married. Again we went 1, 5 years with each other, but ultimately our ways separate. Not because we wanted it, but because it was the wisest solution at the time (we thought). Meanwhile! 10 years later, and in those 10 years he has regularly tried to make contact, but I declined. Now 3 months ago he stood on my doorstep again, divorced and all. In the meantime already 3 months ago a strong relationship and mutual feeling that now our time has finally come, and experienced the feeling of unity. Nevertheless, I decided yesterday that I no longer want to see him, because love is so intense that it hurts me physically, and I have trouble dealing with my daily activities and responsibilities. But in all those 21 years my feeling for him has become so strong, in the period that I don’t see him, every thought of him hurts so much that I really feel like someone is squeezing your heart. We both feel the moments when we think strongly of each other. We say good night to each other in our minds. The last 10 years I have not had a relationship myself, I have tried, but the feelings did not even come in the direction of what I feel for H. Together with H I am a unity, we are under each other’s skin, we both feel connected with each other, and have openly admitted that our line will never break, no matter how hard we do our best, no matter how hard we walk away from each other and try to deny with time that there is something between us. Is he my tz and am I his tz? Do I have to accept this and fully open up and enjoy our association?

Answer 1
What you already think is true, I think, if I read your story that way. You are the textbook example of twinflames who attract and repel each other. Have even had a relationship several times and it is still going strong. Try to find peace because once, if both are really ready, it will be fine. But that can take a long time.

Answer 2
.. Indeed, that is it. Try to take care of yourself first with a lot of love, try to allow love, no matter how intense it may be. She will never disappear because she is there especially for you and his growth. Do it .. I have been doing it for 10 years and it gets better and deeper. Love.

Answer 3
I know where you come from. I have been in this phase for 31 years with my twinflame. At this moment we are again engaged in a physical relationship even though she is married and has a child. It is so strong and the telepathic and empathic link is so strong that it controls your entire life. However, I can no longer live without her in my head. I yearn for it. This is also the case with her. As soon as she is ready we will be together, it will take a while but I am convinced that it will not be long. I am ready, now she is.