Q1042. Suicide of twinflame


My twinflame took his life more than 2 months ago, is there anyone who has experienced the same thing? I cannot tell you what a disruptive pain it entails, to love someone so much who nevertheless chose for himself and is never tangible again. If there is someone who would like to share his story with me, even though I hope it will never happen to someone else, I am very grateful

Answer 1 My

The astral world has 2 good sides and a very bad one I have experienced. I myself also had a very difficult time controlling the bad side and having to deal with it. Especially if you have alcohol in your body and you are not comfortable with it and you get involved with the astral world, it is very dangerous. They can influence you to do certain things. Experience teaches you how to deal with it. Always call when you have the feeling that a bad spirit is coming your way. Go to the light or call on Jesus Christ or your guide. They help you and as you become stronger and stronger, it becomes less and less because you are in control. Even if such a feeling comes on, turn on the light or grab a book to move your thoughts. And keep in mind you are always stronger than whatever comes your way.

Answer 2
First of all, my heartfelt condolences! This must be a very difficult time for you, the worst that anyone can experience. Yet I want to support you, because death is not the end, I believe. Your twinflame is now only in a different sphere, without its earthly body, and at some point you will be able to get in touch again. If you yourself ever pass on, you will physically come together again, and again in a possibly next life. However, it will be painful to be able to physically meet and touch him in this life. But on an energetic level nothing has really changed. Was your twinflame so unhappy that he took this step?

Answer 3
First of all, please! The lack of a twinflame can already feel very moving as if a body part has been amputated, let alone the feeling that your other half has been robbed of life! My twinflame has made several attempts to commit suicide. I felt it, but can’t do anything because he has to go through his own transformation process. I was afraid that I would really lose him because I have a Soul Mate who is almost at the level of my twinflame. A friend also said that I would at least have a “reserve” if something happened. I became very angry with the girlfriend. Everything comes for a reason and I hope that you will soon get clarity about your situation. Your twinflame will always be in your heart. Wishing you lots of strength and love.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 4
I have experienced just the same as you and it is indeed very difficult to go through and to understand. In the meantime I have gone through a whole process of knowledge, thanks to my twinflame. Now I know that everything had to happen so that we could come closer together to help each other … If you really pay attention, there will be signs of your twinflame to help you further … Have faith in Love 

Answer 5
@ answer 4: thank you, no matter how bad it may sound, I’m glad I’m not the only one. And I fully understand what you mean by signs, and why it should be that way. I wish you all the luck.