Q1231. (Too) Strong telepathic and empathic bond?


I am gifted paranormally. Telepathic and Empathic. I managed to block this from the age of 13 because I had migraine attacks from all outside influences. With my soul love I always had it strong so that I could read her. Now after 30 years we have a telepathic and empathic connection. I feel her when she thinks of me. However, the line is now open on two sides. She also feels me when I think of her. Sometimes it is so intense that we have to be overwhelmed by emotions. Sometimes she begs me to turn off the link because it comes in too hard. Are there people with similar experiences?

Answer 1
I am also a paranormal Antoon for 15 years and I also feel it when 1 of my soulmates or soul loves thinks of me. I also come across them in the astral world and there I met my soul love. I also have contact with all my deceased family members and I give astral readings to people who have lost a loved one. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I believe that everyone who has to do with soul love is intuitively very strong. The self-development process makes this ever stronger because we have started to listen more to our feelings. Twinflames have, inter alia, telepathic and empathic capacity, provided that both are open to this. If too many emotions come in, that means that there is still an unresolved piece of the past that must first be accepted and processed. This will cause the intense emotions to disappear. Gr (Alicia S)