Q1226. Stop development?


My question is actually whether you can also unconsciously stop the other person in his development? I felt a distance from him for the past few weeks. We do not see each other (was already a year and a half ago) but do have email contact every month. He told me a few days ago that he has to deal with private disappointments. Maybe I picked up that state of mind from him? Can you also help the other in his development by letting go of him? And by letting go I mean no longer having contact. I just thought that – by having contact with each other – the spiritual development goes faster?

Answer 1
Yes, I certainly think that it is better to let go completely. We have also held each other for over a year after the end of our relationship. The more we got loose, the more I started to develop. In the beginning I really stood still, when we were both so dependent on our contact. Now that we are ‘completely loose’ recently, we are making enormous leaps. And I mean terribly loose, because we simply cannot break the spiritual line. Not that we do anything with it, but it is and always will be. Sometimes difficult, because that is why the lack of earthly contact sometimes feels so intense. Success. (Unknown)

Answer 2
No I think that is not possible, first it is the turn of the one that goes through the whole process and that the other half. has something to process and the other cannot influence you. (Remco)

Answer 3
NO, I don’t think you can stop the other’s development. You are responsible for the choices that you (do or do not) make in your life. You feel the other’s distance, so you are in your fear by, for example, feeling unwanted. It is certain that you can pick up his state of mind! He only takes a little distance to work on his own piece of process that he only has to go through in order to be able to process his fears. It is important that you check where he has mirrored you and begin to solve your pieces. The more you work on yourself, automatically taking the other person in tow. We can only process what one can handle at that time. Indicate that you offer him the space and that you are ready for him should he need you. You do not have to consciously break the contact. The “runaway” will indicate when he / she needs a break. If you are going to push / force it will only take longer to get through the process. Gr. (Alicia S)

Answer 4
Dear Alicia, Write more often, I recognize so well what you write. It is exactly right. Keep it up! (Unknown)