Q1098. Does your soul love come back to you?


At the first eye contact it was clear. Two months of beautiful meetings followed. We never wanted to break up again and made cohabitation plans. Neither of us had ever experienced this, moved by the depth of emotions. To expose each other’s souls. Yet he has asked me to distance myself because he still has to complete a number of things. I think of him every day and feel his presence. Yesterday we ran into each other just like that. A short, confusing conversation followed. Every fiber in my body wants him but also feels that he is not ready for it yet. I trust my feeling what is so strong for him. Will a twinflame come back to you after a period of release?

Answer 1
I hope so for you, but you don’t have to. Maybe he got a little scared and thought it was going too fast. After two months talking about living together is of course super fast. If I were you I would be available but not try to scare him. If all goes well he will come back if he misses you just as much. Maybe it’s good to let him know that the door is still open for him. I have lost mine because I have thrown all feelings over him. The latter is not always well received. I think women can show emotions much better. Do you know enough about him? Is it really available?

Dear unknown, Thank you for your response. Never before have I talked so much with anyone. The days that we were not together we called for hours every night. He said at a certain point: “nice and really bizarre but you know more about me than good friends, I have no secrets for you”! The reason for the loss of our contact is that he has been addicted and still has to go through a number of steps. He cannot do this if his focus is on me and there is no combination for him because I have too much in his head. I understand his situation and grant him all the time he needs, but my ego sometimes comes to the fore and then I think we are growing apart and my experience may have been different … (Unknown)