Q1219. Want rest?


Hi everyone, I have known my twinflame for about a year now. Sometimes I doubt whether we have twinflames (probably my ego is among them). The first months were really a heaven on earth with him and there was no fear. Now it has been attracting and repelling for a number of months.
I have never been with him for more than a week because it all gets too much for me and I want to flee again. He confronts me with my behavior and conditioning, often without him realizing it and that hurts me (comes from past experiences). I realize that the fear comes from my side and I just really want it all to work between us but I feel that I really want a rest now because the
fears are sometimes too intense. He finds that difficult to accept and he would like me to just confront the confrontations, but it often gets too much for me (especially with other people there, social anxiety). I have not recognized myself at all lately, I am blocking in his presence, I am becoming very silent, I have trouble communicating, etc. He is already a bit further in his spiritual development and wants to pull me along, but that often does not work. I end up in negativity and doubt myself. I would like to hear if someone has anything to do with similar experiences and whether it is indeed better not to see each other for a while.

Answer 1
Yes, we broke up after a 7-month relationship. After 2 months, attracting and repelling started from his side. He also had those fears and doubts. I did not want to let him go, but he saw that it broke and I broke the relationship. But after that, the
attraction and rejection continued. Another 11 months. Slowly I became stronger. Now we have not seen each other for half a year and have spoken very occasionally. I notice that the strongest feelings finally get a little milder, the sharp edges are relieved, but I often miss him.
I have started to develop enormously since we broke up and I end up on my path, but I would rather have done this together with him. But apparently that was not possible or was not the intention. Despite the enormous sorrow there is also relief that the attraction and repulsion is over, that is so debilitating…. And I am happy with my progress and development. Wishing you strength and wisdom!

Answer 2
Your idd is mirrored in your soul love. Fears arise that must first be processed and accepted if you want to go further in the process. With withdrawal you only postpone the process. When there is contact again, you will automatically be mirrored again at the point where you stayed in your process. No matter how difficult it is, try to get clear for yourself with what your soul love reflects you and what this means in your former life. Your doubt / uncertainty has already arisen earlier. This can for example be done by your parents or by your environment at school, etc. It is no problem to take some time and space to go through your process. Attracting and repelling “weekly” is very good for the other
painful. Don’t give up iig. It is impossible to work out your entire life in a “week” time. Gr.