Q0973. Ingratitude


Are there twinflames that have a twinflame that simply cannot work with the other twinflame. Because it is never right what he does because he or she is just too difficult or too critical. And because the twinflame simply does not want to because the twinflame is simply not satisfied with the twinflame that it has received from above.

Answer 1
Laughing was the first reaction when I read the question and that is not ridiculously intended but depends on my sense of humor. It sounds like you’ve experienced it yourself and are deeply disappointed?

Answer 2
Dear poor questioner: what exactly “does not work”? And what would you like to see “it works”?

Answer 3
Would it still have to do with rejection and attracting? That if you think you are almost coming together, you will have to take a closer look at everything? Haha, I recognize something in this question, critical yes I am and twinflame so ws too. What I also notice is that we are both very sensitive and sometimes offended at the slightest point of criticism. And / or a bit of fear of being confronted with your own dark side or beliefs that may not be entirely true? It’s about judging. May also have to do with earthly expectations. Some people say: in a twin-soul relationship, it is important to let go of all expectations and let it develop. I’m curious about the other answers!

Answer 4
Why be thankless? You don’t get unconditional love just like that, a tough process has to be followed. Every learning process is different, due to the past what he / she has experienced. The 1 must now process more than the other. Both halves must go through the heavy process. This says more about your process. Process always progresses, sometimes with baby steps, other times with large steps. Your own strength determines the strength of the duration of your process. A person can only process what the body can handle. The stronger you become, the more you can process, the faster you progress. Acceptance is an important lesson.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 5
Maybe because she doesn’t trust you as a questioner? Can you give her reasons to trust you. Why do you find it ungrateful and for what should she be grateful? Many personal questions are these, thank you for answering them.

Answer 6
Answer 1 yes I had to laugh about that too. How on earth can you be dissatisfied with your twinflame? It’s your other half! Your reflection. I don’t mean this in a negative way, but I find it rather strange. Isn’t your Ego working? I myself am very grateful, Love me twin, unconditionally yes also with its shadow sides. because yes, they are also in me. I am grateful that I can learn so much from this and grow and flourish Alica S I also have a lot to your reactions, thanks. Love and success.

Answer 7
Perhaps she is very grateful, but she does not always dare to make it known because of uncertainty or the familiar turning of the feeling.

Answer 8
You should ask yourself if an earthly partner can be trusted. Then you can only guess for answers. You can feel a soul’s love and you can read her thoughts. The trust is then much greater.

Answer 9
She doesn’t have to be thankful, she didn’t ask for it. It happened to the twinflame so the choice is up to the twinflame I am happy with it or not.