Q1128. Do thoughts affect my twinflame?


Do my thoughts affect my twinflame? eg I think something and get an answer from my twinflame or he experiences something that connects to my thoughts.

Answer 1
Think that you are connected by a line and can therefore communicate with each other. I often had the English words not The moment in mind, while in daily life I don’t have to do anything or think in English.

Answer 2
What thoughts do you have?

Answer 3
In response to question 2: Examples of thoughts (vary from most simple things to a little more personal: What have my twinflame’s life experiences been? What does my twinflame need or what does it desire? Or very simply: Does it my twinflame a motorcycle license

Answer 4
To answer 2; I have a concrete example. I was at another forum this week telling someone how I got to know my twinflame and some more details about him. At that moment my phone rang and I saw that he had sent me a message. He rarely does that and we had not spoken to each other for weeks. I thought that was special. Is that telepathy?