Q0440. Twin power?


Despite all the tension that twins happen to you, have you started to feel better physically because of the twins?

Certainly, despite all the great tensions and sad moments, I have not really been sick anymore, say the last year. feel fitter and very slowly start to get a better weight .. that goes without saying, I feel less like meat, alcohol etc. that also has to do with more spiritual life. I sometimes have a dull feeling but that is more about being sad and sometimes I just don’t know anymore how to proceed. (Unknown)

No, it does not matter. I get the energy out of myself, I was already very much of myself. I am just as fit as I was 20 years ago, I have been cycling 40 kilometers a day for 12 years, I run marathons… .well is it sometimes that my twinflame pulls me energetically very hard, man he almost pulled me off my bike recently, that is heavy. Then I feel his strength, he also has a powerful personality, but it will be. no matter how hard that sometimes is, I am sure I would miss that tug if it were no longer there. Perhaps I will do the same to him, it is a form of energy and attention that can do no harm and that I cannot would like to miss more. It just belongs to us. (Unknown)

About half a year ago I had a lot of sore throat for a few days. I lay in bed at night and suddenly I saw my twinflame in a black dress in a dream. In the past she used to wear a black dress and nowadays she still wears black clothes. Within a few seconds the severe sore throat was gone. And the pain stayed away. A few days later I had a severe stomachache, I was in bed, said her name and the pain was gone immediately. She lives about 90 km from me. My blood pressure is almost good, at 37 degrees I notice little of the heat. I feel very fit and when I think of her pain and physical discomfort, I usually disappear very quickly. When in doubt always consult a doctor of course. I’ve never felt so good. She doesn’t want to contact me and yet she makes me better. Or maybe you can say we make each other better. I love her dearly and it will stay forever and I think that the true love between us works healing both physically and for the soul. I experience this as intense, intriguing, it makes me feel happy, but also sad that she doesn’t want to contact me. (Unknown)

thank you for the answers. I have exactly that, feeling better physically, recovering faster through twin love. and I also often feel the grief and the pulling. although that is softer nowadays, more a sweet recognition. nor do I eat meat anymore, I don’t drink alcohol much anyway, because of the spiritual development that is also due to the twin feeling. I could never stop working before, I can do better now, although I am no less exhausted than. but even then, even when I am still on automatic pilot, the twin feeling helps me to settle earlier. a kind of balsam, also for the body. (Unknown)