Q1215. What profession do you practice as a soul’s love in daily life?


What profession do you practice in daily life as a soul love?

Answer 1
Interior nurse, love

Answer 2
I work as a chef in a catering

Answer 3
Bicycle courier. My twin is vascular surgeon.

Answer 4
I am a team leader in a pharmacy, my twinflame is a nurse.

Answer 5
In daily life I am a financial administrative assistant and in the evening I support people as a psychic.
My twinflame is human resources manager, my (our) soulmate is an artist. Gr.

Answer 6
At the moment I am working as an administrative assistant and I am following personnel training. My twinflame is a singer (starting professionally). He is also a singing coach and singing teacher. But he is also a lawyer, so a versatile type!