Q1204. Simple?

Edmond and Rita

We are Edmond and Rita. Twinflames and we are sure of that. We have been together since 2005, married in 2008. Our spiritual growth goes on together. We talk a lot to further our growth. Our question is, are there still people who experience their twinflames in such a simple way?

Answer 1
How nice to come across such a story. I only read stories about twinflames who are not (earthly) together. You are that and how beautiful and it sounds so “simple”. Has this always been easy between you or has a good story played in advance? Do you also know your joint task or is your task just to be in love together?

Answer 2
It is special to hear that it can also be easy, at least I get that from your text. I think that there is no open talk about soul love and that often the good stories are not the people who search on this site, simply because they don’t have to. Unfortunately I cannot exchange a positive experience that which I would have liked otherwise. I would like to hear from your experiences if only to look and experience if there is a chance that it matches.

@Nien and answer 2; it has really been that simple and it becomes even simpler. This has everything to do with the realization of what the ‘twinflame Being’ really means. We are also aware of our task, if you can describe it that way. This task is also that simple, simply because it has to do with expressing our oneness. Our experience is that when you become aware of that oneness, disharmony is no longer possible. Unfortunately, there are too few stories from twinflames who are doing well together. That is why we want to share our experiences. We share these on the internet. Just type in ‘twinflames Edmond and Rita’. Kind regards, (Edmond and Rita)

Answer 3
I have just decided to respond. I personally find that there are no twinflames where the process is easy. Anyway, a piece of KARMA MUST ALWAYS be solved. That piece of Karma consists of your own life that originated in your own youth. That piece of fear may have been taken from a previous life or this piece of fear has been taken from the family band. Attracting and repelling is intended precisely by mirroring the other, knowing what fears must be resolved in order to come closer together. Because of your “acceleration” it is possible that your soulmates are of each other and that there is still a “task” in your future marriage. Again, no blame, just MY opinion.

Answer 4
@ Answer 1: Twinflames can certainly be together, it is just to what extent they want to go through their own process. What needs to happen will happen … Gr.