Q1201. Sometimes I think it’s not mutual?


Do you also have that sometimes you think (ego) that the soul love is not mutual while you actually know better (by getting all kinds of signs, things that the other person has ever said)? I have seen it now, my twinflame today, and he was friendly but also distant. He didn’t have much time, and we just talked about superficial things. And that while I would love to talk to him for a few hours, into the depths, about us. But I think he is afraid, he sees this as something that is not allowed (which is true, but that is another story) and therefore he blocks his feelings. Can anyone say something useful about this?

Answer 1
My opinion: Everyone who has to do with soul love will make ego doubt you. We get signs at the soul level, but ego can also give signs to make you doubt. With soul loves it is all about feeling and knowing and not thinking. The farther you both go in the transformation process, that is, inner growth, the more the ego will try to make an effort to keep you apart. Testing to see if we have processed and accepted our past. The “runaway” keeps the person at a distance from people who are dearly loved out of fear (s) from the past (hurt etc.). Soul lovers mirror / confront each other to solve a piece of the past. The better the soul love feels in his skin, through inner growth, the more attention he will give. He will become more open to you,
(Alicia S.)

Thank you Alicia, I hope so! I know that the ego makes me think that way, but sometimes it is hard to turn it off. Yesterday I had a better day and realized that he had just made some nice time for me, and that while it is extremely busy. So that’s a good sign. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Don’t. Leave him alone and wait for him to cross the bridge himself. He is clearly running and will only come when the time comes. He is in his own process and you cannot speed it up. It shows great love if you let him walk his path. Difficult but the only right way.