P0720. What do you have to lose?


What do you have to lose if you tell me your feelings?
I promise you they will be safe with me
I will never talk past my mouth, and you know that if you know me
I understand that it is very difficult because I feel exactly the same fear
Of making people angry, losing me, and against me hunting the armor
But honesty is the best policy
We have to keep it between us because this is not gonna get
you You can take me in your arms, you can trust me, I would never join
you You are my mirror, my other half and only with I can be whole
You are not there most of the time, only in my heart
And every farewell hurts so much
Then I always wonder if you feel the same as I
do I think I read it in your eyes and sometimes hear it in your music
Every time I see you I feel that intense click
Please, you take the first step because I don’t know how tackle it
Know that you know me better than anyone and that I will never let
you down Love you!


Every now and then I also read the poems here as well 1 of you please take the first step.
Then I think nice, but then also put the name underneath, then the person knows that it is also intended for him or her.