Q1199. Telepathy between twinflames?


Last week I experienced something very special (or maybe it is very normal between twinflames and I find it very beautiful). I sat on the couch in the evening watching TV and my thoughts wandered to my twinflame. I wondered if he was okay. Exactly at that moment the telephone rang and I almost fell back when I heard his voice. Does this mean that he was thinking about me at that very moment and would he be aware of that? I should have said that I was just thinking about him, stupid that I didn’t do that. Who recognizes this?

Antwoord 1
Neurons that fire together, wire together.

Answer 2
Amazing isn’t it? Can you still let him know? He will probably like that too. In addition, ask yourself why you didn’t tell him that he was calling exactly at a time when you were thinking about him. Do you have an answer to that?

I was the questioner; yes, why didn’t I say that? I was able to beat myself up afterwards, but I just didn’t say it. I could have done it because nobody was there at the time. For some things you only got a second chance … I think my twinflame would certainly like to hear. Perhaps I will say it to him again. (Unknown)

Answer 3
My opinion: Gemini souls are energetically connected. Feel each other, smell etc. something special between twinflames. You get up with it, you go to bed with it and in dreams they can still appear. Precisely when you are busy with something and you wander to your twinflame, you can be sure that this is your twinflame that is thinking of you. In the morning when you are just awake, it is best to feel a twinflame. First feeling that belongs to you, if your mood suddenly changes, then this is your twinflame. Gr.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 4
Thank you Alicia for your enlightening explanation. I (again the questioner) experience this exactly as you describe. Sometimes it’s just bizarre. And it always makes me smile when it happens. Today I came across my twinflame on the way when I was in the car. That was also very strange. At first he looked very surprised at my car and at the same time I saw him, while I would not even recognize his car, he is not so striking. But it was as if my head was turned and “someone” pointed me to him. That was probably his energy. Very often I am busy with something and I suddenly think of him. Or that I dream about him.

Answer 5
From Answer 2: “Did you get a second chance for some things …” Do you dare to tell?

Answer 6
@ 5 yes, I think so. If the atmosphere between us feels good and there is enough time to explain things, I would. But there is never a chance.

Answer 7
I have experienced this so many times that it has become the most normal thing in the world for me.

Answer 8
I have this so often with my twinflame. Even the temperature of our hands adjust to each other. If she is cold
, mine is hot. Sometimes that changes in 5 minutes, the mine is cold and hers warm. She regularly takes my hand to check it and always calls it pure coincidence. Sometimes I send her e-mails with poems to comfort even before the emotional event has happened.