Q1193. Looking into the soul?


Do you also have the feeling that you can look into his or her soul in the other when you look each other in the eye? Sometimes I think it’s wishful thinking, but actually I know it’s really possible. I just feel his feelings and read his thoughts. Does anyone recognize this?

Answer 1
Yes, I experience that too. feel what the other feels, think what the other thinks. is like communicating through your mind.

Answer 2
If the connection is very strong, then you experience All the thoughts of the other to the small details very intensely before he or she says it. It is in the head and wants to tell something very beautiful. Don’t fight it or it will only get stronger. Fighting means no more no less than putting a layer above a layer. Acceptance is the way to silence. Listen to without judgment and you will see for a long time you will be whole and clean inside and super light. Good luck!