Q1190. Set limits, but not pull your twin?


I wonder how it is possible to set limits, so that your twin does not walk over you (retained self-esteem), but that this does not give your twin the feeling that you are pulling on him and therefore repelling him?

Answer 1
The fear of losing the other leaves us silent. if you discover that it is only a fear, you are free to express your emotions and make yourself vulnerable. Enter the challenge and every result is the right result for the moment. Everything is going according to plan. Trust your path and you will become lighter over time.

Answer 2
Fully agree with answer 1, because that is a very wise answer. Nothing to add!

Answer 3
I also agree with answer 1. Setting limits is very important that you do this. You mirror each other’s fears so that they can also be resolved. This puts you on the same line, because you indicate what you do and do not accept. Just when you do this too, that balanced unconditional love relationship arises. Gr.
(Alicia S.)