Q0754. Pregnancy after meeting twinflame?


Has anyone ever succeeded in processing one child with another (the partner) after you have met your twinflame? It seems like destiny that stops on all sides once your twinflame is in your life. Does anyone have experiences with this? So whether or not we succeed, miscarriages, or birth … With us our love seems to stop everything. Even though I would like to continue (with someone else), it is blocked by destiny, because I belong to him.

Answer 1
Yes, my twinflame once again became a father a year and a half after he met me. I have to say that he was then assuming that someone else was my twinflame. And I also have the strong idea that his wife seduced him to take a third child. She didn’t know about our twinflame existence at that time either. He was already the father of twins. (Wieweet)

Answer 2
I was from answer 1 and the following applies to myself: I have been unknowingly aware of my twin throughout my life and at the age of 14 I received the unmistakable message from above that I had to become a single mother. I brought the packaged message through the doctor (!) that I would meet my twin again if he had developed, would have grown. So I could become a mother through a person other than my twin, but I had to do it on my own .And I did that, against every conditioning. I come from a large Reformed family and I was the first BOM mother in family history. They also thought I was a type for that. I shouldn’t think about what would happen. if I had met my twin then, he 18 and I 33. (Wieweet)

Answer 3
Personally, I believe that our path through destiny has already been mapped out completely. It is up to us how quickly we pick up the signs and start working on our process. In some cases, another child comes into the relationship because this is part of the lesson to be learned. There is nothing you can do about it, only to accept that this is part of his process. Sometimes one of the annoying things has to happen so that the other can see more quickly that the current relationship is not right and belongs to her / his Soul Love. If this is not part of the life lesson, destiny will try to prevent this by sending signs. But in the long run those signs also stop and fate can no longer do anything about it. A solution comes naturally, destiny then seeks another way to come to being together with your Soul Love. The partner can have as many children as they want, buy so many houses, move so often, but the partner cannot be kept away from the soul partner. If you want an example, I have an example from my life experience about a child and a house. Gr. (Alicia S.)

Answer 4
Gosh, you have already experienced a lot and you know how to convey it all so clearly (uhm, well sometimes), only that with those pregnancies and so on is very complex and I really don’t understand anything about that, but maybe Is that also correct ? (Unknown)