Q1188. Rejection process?


The disposal process. I often read answers here about the divestment process, with his or her twinflame. Can someone give me clear examples about the disposal process? Love

Answer 1
Oh yes, enough experience here. The whole twinflame event is a constant fairground of attraction and repulsion. And that rejection is painful. In my case, my twinflame was distant, didn’t touch me anymore, ignored my gaze, and didn’t talk to me at a party. Those actions are always followed by periods when he comes closer again, is kind to me and shows himself more. In the meantime (after years) it is time that he finally dares to be more himself and that we can interact with each other in a more relaxed way. And that is very nice. I sometimes became very nervous about him as a result of which I did not come out of the paint. Now this seems to be much less and I know that he just loves me the way I am and vice versa I do that to him.

Answer 2
In short, rejecting is that the runaway seeks a stupidly ridiculous apology to keep you at a distance. The rejection process can sometimes go very far due to the things that can be said. When the runaway comes closer to the feeling, the runaway will shoot in fear. Afraid to lose the other, to be hurt are only reasons. By hurting the other, the runaways try to be for themselves. Gr.
(Alicia S.)