Q1169. Soul love day?


I recently saw on this site that there is a soulmates day in March and I really want to go there, but I still doubt a bit. It seems very nice to meet people and to share experiences, I just hope that it will be a positive day, which will make you happier and stronger, say…. are there people who have been here before? whether they are planning to go? And if you don’t go … then what’s the reason for not going? Thank you in advance!

Answer 1
Yes I really want to go there and finally talk things out with him, I love him dearly and I hope he will be there too, I live in one of the northern provinces and he in the southern ones, that’s why such a day would provide a perfect solution. I really hope to see you there darling, am I there too?

Answer 2
This meeting gives you a lot of clarity, guidelines, etc. It will be enlightening. I certainly hope to see you there.

Answer 3
Unfortunately the day is over. I have been there and it was very enlightening for me. It has provided insight and I now know that the feelings I have are correct. A piece of loneliness has been removed. It was a nice afternoon and the plan is to plan another day next year. Keep an eye on it!