Q0943. Telepathy: communication from soul to soul?


Can twinflames talk to each other without words? I recently experienced something very special; my twinflame and I were both at a party and started talking to each other. There were others who also took part in the conversation. But in between his words I “heard” very different things, unspoken words before me, that went straight into my heart. As if he is telling entire stories with his eyes that are only meant for me. Does anyone recognize this? Is this communication from soul to soul?

Answer 1
Yes that is oddly enough. It is very bizarre and beautiful at the same time. It makes you floaty but there’s nothing wrong with that. Do not doubt your feeling, your feeling is correct.

Answer 2
Yes, if you are close together then you can hear each other. Because I also hear her when I’m in the store when she’s there haha. I do that remotely in bed and yesterday I said that I loved her. Miraculously, I also received a response back. You also talk telepathically to each other in dreams.

Answer 3
If you as a twinflame hear each other and communicate why don’t you have earthly contact ??? Just throw a hint out of something so that you know for sure that it is correct even though you know it?

Answer 4
Because she already had a friend with a child before she had a soul love. She probably cannot and does not want to risk that. We have not had earthly contact for 5 years. Only we have contact in our dreams and astral experiences.

Answer 5
My twinflame and I had online contact for a while. Don’t know if he thinks it’s okay to tell me, haha. But t is still anonymous. That we have telepathic contact is certain for me, also with words. From a distance, because in real life we ​​have no contact now. What happened online: – he guessed my thoughts a few times and wrote down what I wanted to answer before I did it – some things I had told him before (telepathically) which he also made clear to me – we also talk telepathically to each other : But if that is only from soul to soul, don’t think so – he can touch me somewhere and then I feel that and through the online contact it is confirmed that he is ‘doing’ something and he knows it will happen. it works the other way around too. – he can hear me, I regularly receive feedback about my thoughts and sometimes even about conversations that I have with others. He wants confidentiality about this and makes it clear to me that I always give away too much. Like now, probably, but I want to share it. And maybe it helps others, because I have often thought that I am crazy. Yet it is repeatedly confirmed that I am NOT.

Answer 6
No, you are definitely not crazy! don’t talk to you. I also know that telepathy and touch. Knowing what the other person thinks, having the same preferences and turning away, the same music, the same vision of life. Sometimes it feels like I’m living two lives; mine and mine. I also feel his pains, joy and so on. When we are together, he can sometimes look into my eyes for a long time, which he himself does not even notice. Those are very special moments from soul to soul.

Answer 7
I also thought for a time that I went crazy in the past. Because you can hardly tell anyone what you are experiencing. Only my parents know that I have a tendency to come into contact with the deceased. And my twinflame knows it’s true. She approached me once by telephone.