Q1166. What does this feeling mean?


I am not sure if I have met my twinflame, but I have known him for a year, and since a few weeks our contact has become special. I look through him like that, talk for hours and hours, feel strongly attracted to each other and so on. But I have also had a very strong fiery feeling in my lower abdomen since those weeks. The feeling is strongest when I am not with him, but the feeling comes in association with him. He makes me feel this way. What does this feeling mean? Then when I am with him, that feeling is not there.

Answer 1
My opinion: What you experience is an unconditional energetic connection. You feel the other from a distance and you feel his intentions. Your tuning is very high and you are both on the same frequency. When you are together then the feeling “coming home” comes over and the band is no less strong, but not “necessary” at that time. you experience something special, this is a wonderful story. I hope you can experience this from your feeling and not from your mind. Many stories that I know are approached by thoughts. Ego is often bigger than our Heart. If you are patient then it will come to you what suits you best. I know you would like to see it differently now, but it’s not up to you to determine. Let life come as it was meant to be, everything, everything really gets so much better. Thinking of you

Answer 2
I recognize that feeling. I think it’s the basic chakras that have contact with each other. I sometimes think that it is purely a ‘sexual’ desire, but that is not the case. It feels like there is a thread, a connection, and that feeling also ebbs away as if they have been together longer, and it is most intense when I don’t see him, or the first time when we see each other again. Do you recognize that?

Answer 3
My opinion: He is the one for you, your soul longs for him, although you probably don’t want that yourself. I have had that very often it is really unbearable. And once she comes along then the feeling is immediately complete again.

Answer 4
Agree with all previous responses. I recognize it myself with my twinflame. Seeing each other is like coming home. With him I feel completely myself but in the best possible way. He really brings out the best in me without any difficulty. I know that he knows me from A to Z without telling him everything, but simply, through that line. And vice versa. He is also an open book for me.