S277. The biggest recognition you can get


I met him in my student days, many years ago, and I immediately had the feeling: I know you very well. Not only that, I immediately felt that I was very much like him. I did not yet know the concept of twinflame at that time, but I would have invented it if it did not already exist. There was a kind of electric field between us and I felt that he noticed it too.
I really enjoyed meeting someone who looked so much like me. I had never experienced this before and it made for a warm blanket of feelings of love. I got a picture from a previous life, I couldn’t quite place it, it was more the atmosphere I tasted. I could tell from this that he and I already had a strong bond in that previous life, but that we had also disappointed each other. Anyway: we belonged together, that was clear.

It never came to a love affair. We were both in love, but I stopped the boat a bit, because I wasn’t feeling well at the time. He took that as a rejection (never my intention!). I thought: I’ll see you again soon and everything will be fine, but then he got into a relationship with someone else. I never thought that would happen, I thought: he now also knows how special our band is, he will not be so quick to find someone with whom he feels the same. But he did settle for less. I was very sad about that. I thought: I missed the boat.

He is still with the other person, although I feel that the relationship is not right. Apparently for him security and not being able to play alone play such a big role that he is willing to settle for less. I do feel that if he were allowed to do it over, he would have preferred to come to me. Well, maybe it will happen in the future.


I have been troubled for a long time that he and I are not together. What is the value of life when the sweetest thing you will ever get has already been taken from you? I thought. Now I can deal with it better, not because I have changed my starting point , but because I am once again relying on a successful outcome. I now know that it was not my fault that it went wrong at the time. He still had to learn something in that other relationship. That is why I can again rely on a scenario that runs as it has always been planned.

I could not deny my feelings and so I never started a serious relationship with someone else. On a superficial level it has caused a lot of sadness and loneliness, but I think that I have nevertheless continued to find a sense of security in it, no matter how far away it seemed. Because having a twinflame is the biggest recognition you can get.

We feel each other even though we don’t see each other. If he is stressed I can feel that and then I try to help him remotely. Sometimes this ‘gift’ is also less fun: when he felt rejected by me years ago, I also got through his dissatisfaction with me. Pooh, difficult! But now I realize that he is coming my way again, so I can’t complain.

I have never actually shared the bed with my twinflame, but in my dreams that sometimes happens. The most important difference with other sex is that the emotional security between him and me dominates everything and that physical discharge, etc., actually only plays a supporting role, I would almost like to say a random form, almost misplaced, as if the body is calling for something to be strived for. that is already present in all its intensity. As if the emotional side is already so satisfying that you want to enjoy it lazily, without further hassle.

My twinflame has long tried to hide his feelings for me. That meant that I was also less able to feel the love between us. Now that he is opening himself up to me again, I feel that love flowing more intensely and I can remember how beautiful that feeling was in the beginning. I feel that nothing can weaken that love, not even the disappointments we have given each other in recent years. The feeling becomes as strong as before.

I no longer expect that I can find something similar with someone else. I just want him!

I hope that my twinflame will allow itself to cherish the special bond with me.

My tips: I would like to remind others who also experience something like this: stay with your feeling. Don’t let your environment make fun of your experience or weaken it. Many so-called psychics don’t believe in it either! If you trust that your feeling is real, even if you are not with your twinflame now, it will make a difference in your processing process. Gives a bit of peace and confidence. And know that your twinflame also feels that bond, even though he / she seems to deny it.