Q1163. Feel the time of coming together?


I have been on the site for some time and have read a lot of questions and answers, I have already read from several people that they will understand how long it will take before they come together again in this life, I wonder how some people can do this to feel ? For years I have been asking the same question when, and for a few months I have been asking to sleep to give me an answer in my dream, I feel somewhat let down, it is probably me or there is a reason that I may not know? Not knowing that is intolerant, so if you can help me, I will be very grateful …

Answer 1
I don’t know, except for a dream about his mother telling me that she would tell him at the end of 2013. Don’t know what she’s going to say but think it has to do with me. I don’t know if you can believe in this because it actually puts life on hold and it has been doing that for years. Is it a wish if you get this .. suppose you realize that it will take another 20 years .. What then, then you live towards that time and everything in between is in an intermediate stations .. Can you live like that and what are you going to make them wait or enter into a relationship “with someone else” I have consulted a psychic once and she said that he could be at the door at any moment ..

Answer 2
What I did: put all the pictures of my twinflame on the internet, in order that I saw them for the first time. So not in order when the pictures were taken, but chronologically according to perception. And according to looked at the background of those photos and the position where he was in the photo. Then a message came out of his development, how long it would take (the third photo: a church tower with hands on 8 and 1 (2008 and 2013) ?), and so on. This is a way, but I don’t feel it yet. It’s not quite an answer to your question, but maybe it’s a tip.

Answer 3
I received this in the form of signs (numbers) that told me how many years are left until our reunification. And there are still many. But as you do, asking for an answer in your dreams, it is also possible. You have to train yourself to remember your dreams. I sometimes ask my twinflame to give me an answer somewhere in dreams and he does that. I wake up in the middle of the night and wake up knowing what I dreamed.