Q1161. Released and sexual dreams?


Releasing twinflames in love may have astral (sexual) encounters? Last night I had another very intense encounter with my twinflame. I decided to start searching the internet because I have been dreaming about him lately. 20 years ago he was my first love. 10 years of a blinking light relationship with extreme emotions; lifted by love and unity but also thrown down in pain, despair and sorrow. Finally let go and now both a family. It is good that although I sometimes think that we will meet each other later in the elderly home.
I have been dreaming about him again lately. I want him and the unit, he rejects me. Just like in the past. It confuses me because I don’t lose the intensity for days. What do those sexual dreams mean? I experience that I was able to let him go in love, why then again through dreams that connection? Is he looking for me? When I see him, which is already a year ago, I can’t actually look at him. So intense.

Answer 1
That is automatic at least with me I also released her but I still get sexual dreams with her. And those are very nice dreams full of excitement. But I also have dreams with my twinflame and another soul with which I have sex.

Answer 2
Thank you for your response. After reading all the Info about twinflame etc, many pieces fall into place. I met him when I was 16, and after that I had a very difficult 10 years. I lost myself. The dreams also feel great, but don’t dream about anyone like that. I have no idea that he has the same experience with me. The pain seems to seem to me a lot. Therefore, doubt whether it is really a twinflame, although I can hardly imagine otherwise after reading. Experience with it?

Answer 3
Divorced people often have sex with each other after their divorce, that’s a well-known fact. As soon as they get a relationship with someone else, it will pass again. I now also take the first steps in my new relationship and I notice that my ex does not come in so fiercely anymore, in fact it is wearing out, and I am getting more attention for my new flame, especially now that we have become intimate.