Q0875. Suddenly he makes contact again


I’m sitting comfortably on the couch today, my phone suddenly rings. A message from my twinflame about something small, something apparently unimportant. He never does otherwise. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised and immediately sent back an answer, got a response, another answer and then it was quiet. I am just taking a distance from him and that is going very well. I had already managed not to think about him for a large part of the day and to put no more energy into it, I also have peace with the fact that it’s just not the time for us and I am happy with my life. Okay, but why does he suddenly make contact? Did he want a reaction from me, see how I would respond? Or was it really just to ask what he asked for (a simple household thing). Last week something similar happened; he wanted to come and visit us in the evening. Was a long time ago. At first I repelled it but later I liked it. What does this behavior mean? Anyone have an idea?

Answer 1
That he misses you at that moment and is looking for your attention? That he feels alone at that moment and is just looking for confirmation? Well recognizable behavior and not very strange either, I think, it’s up to you how to deal with that … (Unknown)

Answer 2
That at least he wants to send your text message saying that he is thinking of you at that moment. (Unknown)

Answer 3
You cannot miss each other, my experience is that my twinflame (who keeps me at a distance) always makes contact after a certain time, even if it is about nothing. I also unintentionally provoked it a number of times, set a certain nice music for your twinflame, or express an intense need for contact from within, and then the SMS goes off. Also vice versa: If you put your twinflame on ice, you can immediately get a response. He feels that, but is probably not aware of that at all. For me, a verge of confirmation of the tire. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes Answer 3, that’s all right, I experience that too. But now it was my birthday recently and he did not show anything at all. I don’t know whether he has forgotten it or just doesn’t think about it because I didn’t celebrate it either. I think so. To be honest, I am disappointed, so I am not as important to him as he is to me. Or is a birthday just an earthly formality? (Unknown)

Answer 5
Answer 4 Yes an earthly formality and an astrological fact. The sun is exactly at its birthplace in your horoscope and, since the sun stands for ego, the ego makes an extra impact on that day and that is just what twins do not need, that ego. You shouldn’t care about your birthday when you have met your twinflame, the soul goes for (lifeless) timelessness. That is my idea here. (Who knows)