Q1156. If I can’t come home by him completely?


If he can’t come home completely, what do I do? .. if that one piece doesn’t come …? I can live well alone, spiritually I can manage without him, but there is “something”, which means that I cannot open my heart to anyone else, unfortunately! ..and long to come home to the other … complete.

Answer 1
Why is that not possible with him? You are only complete with him and nobody else.

Answer 2 Yes
, I could have written this verbally .. So recognizable. And I know and feel with you, because it is intense, so intense. Pain hurts. Get well soon!

Answer 3
I always have his unbearable feeling in my body. No pain but a very strong emotion the cut off feeling that is how it feels. My soul just asks to be with her but it is not possible. We do meet each other in astral spiritual divine dreams and have a spiritual relationship there. That is nice too, but I think the soul in me is not satisfied and wants her completely.

Answer 4
We have no physical intimacy … at first, but he “blocked” he said … we care about age, and he is not out yet, or if the reason is, but now … after being together for 3 years, and living together , each in his own bed, starts to break me up. / .. I crave that warmth, and find it so difficult to relax …

Answer 5
@ 3, I understand exactly what you mean. I also have it with my twinflame. We can’t be together but I feel we both want it, want each other. And being cut off from each other hurts so much. Pain in the soul, and I think that is the worst pain that exists. I would love to call him or visit him to wish him a happy New Year, but I don’t dare. Too afraid of his aloofness and also of what people around me think of it. I know, I shouldn’t care, but I do. The detachment of my twinflame usually disappears when we are together in a room …

Answer 6
Even when we are together there is no physical intimacy. we usually don’t even get together … even though we live together. .we also sleep separately .. this is not my choice … I better not stop because I do not feel happy …. I often sit alone and do not know how to continue ..

Answer 7
@ 6: Yes, I would stop if I were in your situation. You have already given the most legitimate reason for this: you do not feel happy. Living alongside each other while living together is not your choice, but I also understand that taking the final step is the most difficult of all. You know it will hurt you (and possibly the other one too) but unfortunately that is something that goes with it. Afterwards you will see that it has made you stronger than ever. Staying is also not an option in this case, if I read your story like this. The pain of saying goodbye is part of it, but it is like cleaning up your house: it is accompanied by chaos, because you simply cannot get from one order to the other without first making a mess. Strength desired when making a decision!

Answer 8
Or perhaps it is just not my twinflame; that is also possible … and that we met each other for certain lessons .and that it is “time” to let go of each other now … so that we can heal ourselves more, and then attract the right soul to be together as a couple on earth; he can do that too ..