Q0690. Secrets for your twinflame?


We are going to an era of telepathy. It seems that at the end of the Aquarius age, society is completely telepathic. So then there are no more secrets! Twinflames play a pioneering role through telepathic contact. Do you have secrets for your twin? Something that occupies you that you’re ashamed to tell? And does he or she poke through it effortlessly?

Answer 1
Secrets for your twin? I don’t think that’s possible, even from a distance my twin feels fine to me, how does it work? we can look at each other and then you already know the truth, so no I have no secrets for my twin and twin cannot hide from me if I can look him in the eye. from the first day that we saw each other, we know what the other person means. Very easy anyway. (Unknown)

Answer 2
No, I have no secrets for my twin, I am an open book and straightforward. But you don’t have to know everything about each other, do you? every person makes mistakes in his life and if you both have a whole life behind you … it is different if you have done something that also concerns your twin and that you are ashamed of, I would personally like to rectify that, from love and respect for my twin and for myself, otherwise you will get stuck together in a negative spiral. And of course your twin will understand you, forgive you, etc. After all, this love is unconditional, but that can never be a reason not to put it right. Also never assume that a twin always understands everything, it has already been said here on the site. And it’s not a penance, is it? I see it as a consequence, a matter of course … Love for yourself and each other, that you get rid of something like that, but yes that’s me. Love (Florence)