Q0279. Many questions


  • I would like to know why twinflames meet?
  • What is that connection?
  • Then why do people feel each other so well?
  • Is it normal that a twinflame can read the other thought and at the same time say things that the other thinks?
  • What does twinflame do to the hearts?
  • What purpose does it have to be twinflames if your twinflame is married to someone else?
  • How do you deal with your twinflame?
  • Is your twinflame your other half, your reflection, your help?
  • Can a twinflame mean healing of an injured z

“A twinflame is all you need” to develop yourself in life. you’ll come out reborn. And the one will always remain a place in your heart. A love that never rusts (Ray)

“In your twinflame you immediately see who you really are and remember what you have lost of yourself” “Your other half as the ultimate confrontation with yourself. And with that begins the difficult road to being that you actually are, finding yourself again “…” Forget the stories about romantic love relationships between twinflames. See your twinflame as a hard push to deepen your relationship with yourself, a reunification with yourself. Your twinflame is your clearest mirror and reflects pure love, that is what you are yourself! ”Said the soul love site.
I do not believe that we have lost anything, but rather that parts of our (soul) being have been covered by severe trials and conditioning. What is it like for me? That we have a soul that “animates” us and directs us into our lives, I only really know after a few exits and afterwards looking for the “Soul” phenomenon. That the soul takes possession of our body when our body leaves the womb – or a little earlier, is fully accepted by me. Then, that mirror of the twinflame, so a mirror that reflects everything we have been confronted with in life and our further personality. Our prudence, pure feelings for justice and honesty, compassion, our innocence, open-mindedness, our dreams, our desires for life and intentions, but also all our traits. It has always been easier for me to “see” others than myself. Funny that I write this down, I realize that in the word seeing and soul there is only one letter difference, relationship between the two, seeing is after all the own interpretation of what is perceived! But it is true, in the mirror of my soulmate I become visible. The entire spectrum of mine are reflected in its presence. And whether I like it or not, it is no longer a choice for me, I look at myself on all layers and floors, no matter how difficult sometimes. There is also no longer any need to play hide and seek for ……, masquerade ……… or an attitude of toughness that would rather not let me investigate how others work, for whom? I can only escape from myself! I have cherished the traumas and the pain that I have been dragging along with me over the years and which so often distracted me from standing in my own center. For a long time I thought it was different and that I had to learn to live with my pain and to stay angry with the person who caused it. Occasionally, it is still difficult for me to realize this if I lose my work or attention to it, or lose my clear consciousness. Knowing my soul love doesn’t mean wandering any lower, my soul doesn’t want to be under my arm anymore, the need to heal is reflected in my partner and touches her with the same vibration, she breaks out, it touches her and brings a feeling of inner peace but also that something big is moving ………. In my partner I often see her undamaged little girl in the day. Open and loving gaze full of openness, looking at its surroundings. She, too, cannot, within this process of awareness and growth, keep alive her damage from the abuse of the past and the defense and adaptation methods. And that also applies to me. The acquired attitude to life, which proved to be effective for a long time as defensive methods, does not work together within us. Unlawfulness is not tolerated because it affects its own soul! The still-intact inner child presents itself and recognizes itself in the other intact child. No innocence is lost, innocence is covered because the inner and animated child with all pure intentions and needs is still there, (where else did the inner conflicts come from?), You just have to make contact with it, but the soul love clearly demands that. She observes him / her. That is why old wounds must heal and traumas must find a place quickly, and that is why we mirror each other to redeem our inner child; to free their souls forever. (Thomas)