Q1144. Times that love seems to be gone?


Does anyone recognize that it goes up and down with the intensity in which your soul love feels? I now have a period that it seems to be completely gone and that feels very bald and cold. How long does it take until the feeling returns?

Answer 1
Sometimes she is very close and sometimes she is very far away but she always comes back to me. It is good to distance yourself from time to time so that it can develop. You don’t have to worry, I think because you belong together and always come back when it’s time again. I see our virtual relationship as a lat relationship that we have with each other.

Answer 2
I think it’s different for everyone. I saw my twinflame again after 16 years and then I finally understood the twinflame feeling between us. Often seen and spoken last year, but now it has been quiet for three-quarters of a year. Dreams and signs every now and then .. Who knows it will take 16 years again …