P0651. If


If you could ever read this

know then that I loved you
but now my heart must heal again,
through the madness of sorrow.

I do not reply to your text messages,
because it makes no sense
to bring up time and time
again, and to hurt each other
even though you say that you are best for me

I can no longer rhyme with “nice words,
can no longer write about how and why,
there will only be this ..
let go ..
and YOU MIj !!!
complete..It Must!

You don’t have to help me with anything anymore,
I don’t need your love in matter anymore,
I know it comes from another life,
that you think you have to give me something ..

guilt feelings
.. shame and regret I know ..
it doesn’t matter ..

just leave me LOS, now

from that dungeon,
the prison,
from your mind.

I want to live,
dance and fly again

Let me go …
now forever

over the fields, in white robe
with wings losing feathers,

do you see me? ..
see what I suddenly saw then?

the dungeon ..
the prison ..
the dark place ..?

do you see that you have to release me?

for now and forever.

If you ever read this once,
you will see what I mean;
very deep in your being,
you will understand what i feel ..

My opinion: If you have had a fusion of soul then you are forever connected to each other. You feel each other day after day, the only thing you can do is accept and move on with your life. Deep in your being he understands you but he can’t help it. It all happens naturally.

I fully agree with the previous response. My opinion: If a fusion of soul has taken place, you are connected to each other for eternity. This does not necessarily have to be physical, but always spiritual. Nothing can be done about it except accepting and learning to deal with it. To look at it in love and to see and meet each other in love. The fight that you fight is meaningless, surrender is the only cure. Strength, I know what you’re going through, but it’s getting better, really.