Q1142. Will your soul love ever come back to you?


I have been reading and responding to this site for a while. I don’t want to sound pessimistic but; who tells us the twinflame will come back to you? Who says he is going to call you and wants you too? I have had a lot of dreams about my ‘tz’ myself, but I haven’t seen it for a long time (half a year) would be nice if there was an experience expert where the ‘good’ came. I know you have it in yourself must search but yes that knowing of ‘tz’ existence puts you on hold anyway

Answer 1
Stuck in my heart. Indeed, so much faith in the future is almost incredible. But that is perhaps typical of faith. Whether the other person also wants you is usually a matter of opening your mouth. In many cases the answer is no, or an outright flight from that reality. Loads of examples on this site. If it is yes, and if it comes right right away, then you will not find that couple here at all. As soon as the ‘good’ comes with one of the members of this forum, he or she will not come back soon to tell of his or her happiness. This is simply a place to report your problem. On the other hand, there are a number of success stories on this site, but it is quite something to read through them all. That it becomes quieter does not mean that someone is gone. The connection is forever. I have the experience that I don’t notice my twinflame when she is busy with other things. I also adhere to the theory of the less the better. The farther your twinflame walks away, the sooner life or destiny will offer opportunities to do what apparently still needs to happen before the twins can come together. Holding someone back only stops that process.

Answer 2
I would also like it if she emails or calls me. We’ve known each other for so long and we don’t even have an earthly contact. I don’t know what said about it but I would like that.

Thank you for your answers (I am the questioner) I hereby promise that if it works out well for me in this contact, I will let you know! (Unknown)