Q1224. Help, we are no longer in one line?


Hello everyone! A while ago I came across my twinflame in my opinion. I ‘recognized’ him and it was as if a spark hit ‘we belong together’, he said radiantly and I beamed back. We exchanged numbers, continuously sent messages to each other and we had a date. Everything went so automatically, it felt so good that we immediately made appointments again the following days. It was like seeing myself in him. I could be myself, very special. (the feeling is hard to describe in words, but I think readers understand me) but … after a while the energy between us (literally) changed, I got tired all the time and an enormous distance developed emotionally. It seemed as if we were no longer in one line! I had a bad dream: he would run away and leave me in tears and bewilderment. A few weeks later this dream came true. After we said to each other every day that the feeling was so right and so special, he made it quite abruptly! He got angry from scratch (I was very shocked) and ran away without saying a word! Only after days could I reach him. I am quite spiritual and I constantly dream about him, but I feel that he is blocking me. He admits that he is afraid to feel anything for me and that is why he can’t see me now ?! I don’t understand why, and I want him back! I regularly read about ‘processes’ that someone has to go through themselves, but I find it embarrassing. I recently saw him unexpectedly and he looks very bad and thin. Yet he does not allow me. I tried to ask for a reason, but he only claims that he is convinced “that he cannot make me happy enough” I don’t know what to think about this. Are there
people who have similar experiences of twinflames who suddenly distance themselves?

Answer 1
Yes this is normal, I experienced the same thing 17 years ago with my soul love, everything went great and the doubts struck him and made a very abrupt “end” to our story after 3 months. He was 18 and 24 .. it is the beginning of the process but I did not know what I know today .. about soul love about this special bond and relationship, this is not a classic partnership and it takes a lot of time to get through it . Especially don’t go after him, focus on yourself and your own growth on how difficult it is, let it go and send so many positive vibes to your twin, it’s all you can do for him right now. It is accompanied by ups and downs and they are considerably stronger than with any other “normal” relationship hence the pain that you are feeling now, apparently also his. I have this for 17 years, now, after a year and a half, we barely have contact, again almost daily contact with my soul love. For me it is no longer necessary now I am not ready for how deep, special and spiritual this bond may be, I will not enter into an earthly relationship with him as long as I know that he does not yet fully realize what we have meant ..

Answer 2
Yes, I have had the same kind of experience .. and I know how painful it is .. I felt so confused .. and I also read that confusion with you .. So how, how can this be suddenly ?! Within a month he said he wanted to marry me. He wanted to live together as quickly as possible. And suddenly… .. distance. After 2 months I already knew intuitively that it would only take 6 to 7 months between us. And yes, after 7 months he broke up because “he couldn’t give me the love I deserved.” And he also said that “he would only help me backwards and I had to do it myself.”
A week before he had talked about getting married … The confusion, the misunderstanding … it was terrible. And also because he couldn’t really let me go .. We kept seeing each other. Now I am almost 1.5 years after the break and we have not seen each other for half a year. In the meantime, a few things have happened that have to do with attracting and repelling from his side. For a long time I had the hope that it would turn out well. I have released him now. I have grown so much in the past year! The lack of him is in my heart, he is in my heart, but I no longer need him to feel good. I did a lot in the past year with the intention of getting him back, but it is good now. I now do everything I do purely for myself and no longer with the intention of satisfying him or winning him back. But how fierce it has been. Not nice. But I am satisfied with the result; I feel strong and independent. I will, however, find it difficult to open up again and to step in with an open mind. The bar is also very high. I feel that no one can equal the feeling that I feel for him. By the way, he does not feel like my soul soul to me, but as a soulmate. Get well soon!

Answer 3
Thank you for your responses! I am the questioner and I have read your answers carefully, by the way very recognizable. Also that of getting married and wanting to live together, almost seemed like I was reading my own story! Was so strange .. with answer two I thought it was my own written piece, really had to read twice, so the same! I have come to think a lot about ‘twinflames’ in recent days and I must honestly say that I sometimes doubt my ex a little as my other half. Perhaps as with the second answer, it is someone from the same soul group as me, perhaps a soulmate. I will certainly follow the advice of the first answer, because my intuition also tells me that it is better to let go. I put a lot of effort to him, send a lot of love to him but I get (too) little response. I do notice that he keeps our contact very ‘open’. For example, if I say that it is better that we no longer have contact, he responds immediately by saying that he wants to maintain that pertinently. On the other hand, he simply does not respond to some messages. I have to ensure that it does not become ‘attract and repel’. I’m going to try and let go of the universe trusting that love is the right way to me
may come. Your answers certainly help in that! Thanks. Love