Q1138. Are you patient or persistent?


Last night I dreamed vividly about him again. First he let me down (no response to messages in the evening) and then he asked me if I would come to him next weekend and with New Year’s Eve. He told me that he found it very difficult to ask me that and that he found it very difficult to enter into a relationship. We have known each other for over ten years and we feel very connected, he calls it powerful and good, says that I am in his heart and mind. I recognize that very much. Also often see symbols and signs passing by. We have seen each other again a few months ago, that was very good again. But the distance (a few thousand km) makes it difficult to see each other. I have the idea that he wants to keep me at a distance somewhere. I do not understand that .. I just have to wait patiently or can I continue a bit .. ? A friend told me about twinflames, I don’t know that but I do feel a lot of recognition when I read about it. Someone a tip? Oh yes, we have seen each other again since about five months, a few times but by the way, unfortunately, I think.

Answer 1
This is very recognizable to me, astral dreams. Attract and repel. He once stood in my dream with I am the one, I was shocked. Sometimes he walked away and wanted nothing to do with me. I never dreamed about anyone like that. They seem like whole stories and I assume that this does not only come from 1 side. My advice: keep trusting in your feelings the way you feel and know that everyone is bothered by this. I don’t know if you’ll really get anything with him or if you can only learn a lot from it (the latter anyway;)

Answer 2
My opinion: The feeling is very strong between you, but you also bring out each other’s fears. It is purely the fear that causes your Soul Love to keep you at bay. Listen to your feelings that tell you what to do. Fears will naturally decrease so that bond with your Soul Love will become ever closer.