Q0731. Can people ‘see’ that you belong to your twinflame?

Who knows

Is it possible that people can see energetically that you know your twinflame and that you belong to that twinflame? I sometimes think not and sometimes I do. Can you radiate that you belong to your twinflame and are therefore not served by another evt. future partner? Without seeming conceited? People can tell from me that I am free, a free butterfly. Sometimes they see that from a distance. But they don’t see that I belong to my twin (when asked). Strange contradiction.

Answer 1
Hi WieWet, maybe now I can be of service to you with my answer, because I always benefit so much from your reactions. So I think this is possible. I myself have experience with it; I recently had photos read where my twin and I are together and that woman told me remarkable things. That we have a contradictory energy imprint (it is American, so I don’t know the NL term for it), that our chakra points corresponded exactly and that we both saw the same color and brightness in the solar plexus chakra. She also said that we have the same facial expression that I saw when I looked better. We usually have the same attitude on photos and he ALWAYS stands or sits directly in front of me with an open attitude. I started paying attention and it really is that way. She even noticed that there was the same pattern on his shirt as on the dress I wore in the same photo! That’s right too. I never noticed. She said that he is certainly my twinflame, that we are each other’s complementary half, so exactly opposite and complement each other perfectly. And that’s right too. His life is quite the opposite of mine. She was based purely on her feelings with the photos and said that she could also see energy strings between us. She called us King and Queen in a living chess set as we belong together. For me it was the confirmation that what I already knew myself was really true. I now dare to rely more on my own judgment. I think only people can see this who are open to it and who have experience with the spiritual. So don’t worry if “nobody” sees it. Almost nobody sees it in our daily lives. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Where was this in America? Maybe I can visit her (Unknown)

Answer 3
I can see it with others, because I can see my twins energy / aura sometimes .. the energy of each other is the same .. I have even seen someone who came in, I did not know him, but he saw me and I to him that he knew his twinflame, he even lived with it, well that man who just gave light so … very special to see. The conversation with him gave me a huge push and the warmth that he radiated .. not to give up. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes, of course there are also people who are not sensitive to it, who shut themselves off from outside feelings! But, I can say (according to our experience) that when I get somewhere with my mate, (who is my Soulmate), we simply radiate so much energy together, are just noticed by people, we are often on the road together too . Coincidentally I see my mate (TZ) again tonight at Schiphol, where I arrive after I have been abroad for 6 weeks for work, I already know (we know) that there will be a discharge, and what the people are about will certainly respond to us, by looking at us, and believe me, the energy that we radiate towards each other is just too strong to ignore it for people who are open to it. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Me, my twinflame and my two best friends often do things together. Once we were staying with another friend of mine, I and my twinflame were very close to each other in one sleeping bag. He rubbed my stomach gently, because I was a bit bothered by that at the time because of “the monthly female activity.” My best friend lay next to us, and suddenly she said: “You know, I really feel such a strange energy again … The arm closest to you two tingles completely. ” Me and my twinflame looked at each other for a moment. My girlfriend continued: ‘I hear that quite often, such a tingling with you. It feels strange but very special. ” My best friend responded with: “Sometimes I feel that too. It’s a kind of warm feeling, that becomes less when you are farther away and stronger when you get closer. ” The person who said this often stands with both feet on the ground and never knows for sure whether he should believe in energies, soulmates, chakras and so on. In any case, maybe people can feel it, like a kind of energy that radiates from twinflames when they are together. (Unknown)

Answer 6
To answer 5 The energy you are talking about feels a good friend of mine even when I am alone with her and think a lot about my twin or talk about him .. so you sometimes do not even have to be together if twins (that friend is a soulmate I feel) .. and I feel that there are more people who like being with me because (sounds a bit arrogant) you have something that others are looking for .. I think more balance .. although those with me also not always good .. you keep learning eh. and yes people who are open can see or feel that you belong together. (Unknown)

Answer 7
I have had the luck that one of my girlfriends (one who is somewhat aware of all this but is very skeptical and happily always thinks for himself and wants to think) has experienced us together once. We were in a company, most of whom we had just met (they belonged to him), but twinflame and I were close together at that time. Later she told me that she felt it literally and that she ‘got it’. She also said that she thought she was doing so ‘differently’ in that company, in a positive sense, a lot more ‘outgoing’ than she normally is and, above all, very cheerful. Love was in the air, that idea. It was the first confirmation I received in the three years that I wonder if I am ‘right’ or not. The funny thing is that I ‘know’ that girlfriend has that ‘radar’, maybe because I have it myself, and therefore recognize it with others, I don’t know that exactly. But to hear this from her did a lot to me. It was an enormous reassurance in one way or another. (Unknown)

Answer 8
Have 2 friends with “radar” , they both know us too. I have often talked to them about the phenomenon of soul love but never mentioned the name of my twin. At one point I wondered (strongly suspected) that they knew it anyway, so she asked the man. Both came directly with the name of my twin, very special! They didn’t “consciously” know it before, but only when I asked about it was it activated in one way or another. I, too, immediately knew who my girlfriend’s twin was, while she tried to hide it for a long time by always making it mysterious . (Unknown)