Q1136. Friendly contact with your soul love?


Friendly contact with the twinflame?
Do you have that? Or do you want that?

Answer 1
I would very much like that. I know he is fighting for his marriage and I respect that. I just think our band is too special to do nothing at all. I think friendship between us could be very positive, even before his marriage. Friendship could help both of us in our development. That unconditional love, that special bond, you will never find with anyone! I honestly say that if there comes a time when he decides to step out of his marriage I would definitely want more but it must be His decision!

Answer 2
I have it and it is wonderful to know that the other person likes you. But if I’m honest I would want so much more because he is just the love of my life. And I know he, in turn, feels that way. But I’m married so it’s not in now. I am not ready to burn all the ships behind me because I do not want to hurt my loved ones. That I myself am sad about my twinflame, I take that for granted. I often cry in bed in the evenings for him, for what cannot be. But I am happy that he is in my life and that we have a good contact.

Answer 3
I have exactly the same as the person from answer 2. Often feeling guilty because you cannot be with your twinflame as a love affair. On the other hand, I have been friends with my twinflame for 8 years and I can’t imagine what a relationship with him will be!