Q1135. It doesn’t matter what you do with your twinflame everything is love?


It doesn’t matter what you do with your twinflame, everything is love? How do you feel about that?

Answer 1 I do
not agree, it is confronting for me. I sometimes behave very strangely in his presence, everything that I don’t want to happen happens. And he doesn’t like that, at least from the outside he shows a certain rejection. While I also see that when I get to where he is, he starts to shine. Sounds strange.

Answer 2
It can indeed be very confronting and even painful. I’ve had that too. He has hurt me deeply a number of times and made situations almost impossible for me, but in the end I could not stay angry with him for a long time while I had every reason to do so! I love him to the depths of my soul. I’m still busy cleaning up all the shit he left for me but I don’t blame him anymore. It is probably a personal lesson for me to learn. The reverse is also true, in my opinion. He tries to blacken me for himself to make it easier for him to distance himself. But I can see, feel it

Answer 3
I would really like that with her but now she has a relationship and a family. We went to bed energetically with each other haha. We will see the time, it is all very exciting.

Answer 4
That love is unconditionally yes. That is THE characteristic of twinflame love. He can make anything, I will continue to love him. If he is somewhere where I need to be, then I feel radiant, I want to see him and talk to him. Stupid actions in his presence never actually happen, the other way around, where sometimes I can be rather awkward, everything will work out if he is around. He is always so sweet, thoughtful and caring. I feel a bit like his queen.

Answer 5
I also feel my twin all day, sometimes strongly less depending on how she thinks of me. The other way around is also the case, where she indicates that she would like the link to be turned off sometimes. However, if the feeling is even less, we call each other to find out what is empty. It is addictive and would not be possible without her in my head. Would be lonely and quiet.