Q1130. I am becoming too dependent on my twinflame?


I notice myself becoming too dependent on my twinflame. It can’t be together. What do I have to do to process the pain and continue?

Answer 1
You can try not to think too much about your twinflame and let everything run its course. Letting go helps to stay in the here and now. The less you try to control everything, the better.

Answer 2
My opinion: Nothing nada nothing. Releasing nothing is all nonsense and it doesn’t help, does it? Isn’t it nice to go all the way? Or not? You just have to go for your twinflame and he / she for you you can’t be too dependent on each other, never, believe me.

Answer 3
There is truth in both answers. Indeed, don’t force too much or force myself, because if someone isn’t quite ready, then you scare someone away for a long time. But at moments that matter and make maximum use of the moment.

Answer 4
To avoid misunderstanding: I am from answer 2, and that was not a response to answer 1. They were posted at the same time.

Answer 5
To answer 4; if you can’t be together for whatever reason, then you have to let it go otherwise you are going to sit and frustrate yourself, then you still try to make something nice out of it you have approached your twinflame and no got a lid on your nose? I have had bad years because I could not let go of twinflame and now I finally succeed, and that feels a lot better I have to say. It is determined from above, you have no influence on it, why would you stay stuck?

Answer 6
A number of factors play a role in the process of what to do or not to do. When you feel that you are becoming dependent, it is wise to take a step back. Try to find as many distractions as possible, for example by leaving with friends. Your twinflame is probably now in a difficult piece of process that makes your twinflame need your energy energetically. Try to send your fear away and know that contact will come back when your twinflame is ready for this. Listen to your feelings, your heart, then you follow the right path …

Answer 7
@ answer 6, thank you for your nice words, that gives a lot of support