Q1126. Confrontations?


What do you find harder to let go of your soul love or to look at yourself honestly and to work on yourself?

Answer 1 is
more difficult …. working on myself, knowing karma there, meanwhile I know that my choices are always right, especially if certain people disagree, I try to stay as pure as possible towards myself and others, just the way where …. I keep working on that.

Answer 2
Confronting myself with myself was the most difficult thing to look at in retrospect. I am also in the middle of it; learn to accept my shadow sides, better define boundaries, live and act more from my own passions, say goodbye to old patterns and especially face them. That is many times more difficult than accepting that my soulmate is gone and there is someone else in his life. It is the sudden realization that it is mainly about your self-image and the discovery of how you can prevent yourself from following your heart. I have now started to do the latter. It is never too late for that and that in itself is a huge liberation! I wish you a lot of strength with this process. Be especially mild and patient towards yourself.

Answer 3
it changes, I try to live in the now, that actually always works because I love life. I think a lot about safe bonding, that is what I want with many people, soul loved ones. I am securely attached to many people, especially family and older friends. these are processes of years, not always easy, but that is also unconditional (soul) love. that’s how I want it with the people / soul loved ones with whom I now build up friendship / love. I understand that, of course, it will take years before I have a similar good relationship with it. The strong moments in between and the continuity help. good luck!

Answer 4
Gosh, I find both very difficult. Being confronted with yourself and usually being the most stubborn parts of yourself is very difficult. But missing your soul love is just as difficult for me. Both of them are actually impossible, but we learn a lot from them, I hope so.

Answer 5
For me, absolutely let go. I love working on myself, growing, wonderful. But letting go, it tears me up … every day. But that is also the last step, the greatest growth, being able to be free and yet feel complete. I am not there yet, hopefully almost.

Answer 6
Thank you flower, I understand what you are doing, mild for yourself yes and compassion towards others, that is a panacea, also success

Answer 7
My opinion: Actually this is secretly the same When you let go of your twinflame, you work on yourself. We also let the other person go, confrontation, so that we can continue to work on our own process. Most of them cannot let go of a twinflame (confront) because of fear, so that they postpone their own process.