S085. I have had a lot of my soul love so far because I can feel again


My experience with my soulmate is very intense, what you already read with others, this cannot be expressed in words, so I leave all the details free … I am glad I came across him because it has brought me a lot in my life . I learned a lot from it, and still … I am getting closer to myself … And as a result, I love myself more and more …

We first had a friendly relationship, later the bond became even closer and we really merged on both a mental and physical level. An obstacle in our relationship was the fact that we do not know whether this encounter and bond is necessary for our own learning and growth process, or that we are crazy about each other as normal partners outside of soul contact. We both have a relationship in which we no longer feel at home. This has been going on for much longer, not only since our contact. But we have both seen that this relationship is no longer possible, we opened that together, the easier the decision to put an end to it. Years of fighting for your relationship, and only after a soul contact do you dare to open up to it and do something with it.

We both want a love relationship because we find that we really belong together. But for that we first have to resolve our own relationship before we can continue. For the time being we continue to see each other outside of our relationships because we simply cannot live without each other. And that is precisely it, everyone calls it is so strong that love, that it looks like being in love, I agree with everyone.
But it can really be the case, and the intention may be, that you do get a love relationship together. And that’s how it feels for both of us.

We live our own life for a while to get everything on the drive, but because we know that we are coming together again, it gives a satisfying feeling. We also know why we need some time for ourselves to get back together again.
I have had a lot of my soul love so far because I can feel again, I know what I want, and what I have to do with it. And that is no more and no less than just following my feelings, from my soul….

The most special thing about soul love for me is the amalgamation on all levels, that is the best thing that has happened to me. The eroticism was also so special and powerful, that cannot be compared with a normal sex. Soul love goes so deep, works on all levels, and there is no end to it.
Unconditional feeling, delicious !!!

My tip is; Follow your feelings and if you are destined for each other in a love relationship then that also happens.