Q1123. After how much time did you really feel the loss less? Or has it never really passed?


After how much time did you really feel the loss less? Or has it never really passed? Hello, I am currently trying to get my twin out of my mind. The first encounters were pleasant, had a mind-melting experience and even had unsafe sex because a child immediately gave us a clear feeling (that was really bizarre, I don’t normally do that of course – incidentally, we didn’t get pregnant) what has split up, fears perhaps but perhaps also having the feeling of ‘hey this is perhaps very spiritual is this normal?’ I myself am (much) more open to this than him. I try to respect him by not pushing him, but I notice that this is difficult. We still have contact every day and if I forget about him for a moment I immediately dream about him or something like that. I just don’t feel like it, just don’t want him around me right now, feel a strong energy all the time. What are your experiences? does this feeling decrease or does that energetic feeling disappear? I don’t want to lose it completely, but I notice that I z! eleven needs to become stronger again .. should you now listen to the universal energies or to yourself? Tips or experiences are very welcome

Answer 1
It took six months to really feel less sadness. I still feel my tz regularly, but now in a very different way, more of a sense of it, that is good. Good luck

Answer 2
My opinion: It is a process and that process is determined from above. They take into account what you can handle. Sometimes it is very intense and sometimes very light to no contact. And then you have a break from one month to 2. But then it comes back again because one soul misses the other soul because you are connected for always. My experiences have been like this for 8 years. You should accept it because otherwise you will go under it.

Answer 3
It took quite a long time for me, in 2009 he broke off the contact defensively .. afterwards we defended our contact a bit or three times because we spoke to each other by chance. At the beginning of this year I finally had the courage to erase all “earthly” means of communication with him so that I can let him go and I moved on … Only he suddenly made contact three days ago, We apped again for a long time .. He was wondering if I was still single, or I had more men after him .. OMG .. Then of course no further contact. I just appended that I have saved his phone number again .. sigh