P0615. If you give me safety in openness


Dear, I have never forgotten you.
You have always remained in my heart and soul.
Not a day went by that I didn’t think about you.
I have waited hopefully and confidently for you.
There is someone in this life of Chinese descent who will come your way.
I already knew it from my cradle and saw it time and again in my dreams.
She is your eternal soul love and it will be alright.
Have faith in your love and she comes to mind.
If you look deep into her eyes you will find her.
2 old souls will be reunited to reconnect with each other.

I have had five difficult years.
Everything came at the same time in my life and it went too fast for me.
There was one person who kept me going, that special woman
who loved me so much, when will she come my way?
The only thing I felt was love, not ordinary love but love on a different level.
Who is she anyway I always wondered curiously.
Her love in her eyes is the only thing that has stayed with me, … hold on to J.
It is something stronger and help comes from above.
Have faith it will be alright.
It will of course come with a careful ‘Greeting’.