Q1120. Can one help the other to come out of a relationship?


I tried to leave my ex-husband for a long time. It always just didn’t work. Through a one-off meeting of mine with my soul love, my ex-husband took the step himself. I then got into a relationship with my soul love but we now have to let go of each other. Is this perhaps because he came by early to help me and we now each have to continue working on our own process? Is it wrong if someone helps someone else to leave a partner?

Answer 1
I would say go by your own feeling that is always the best. Your soul love came into your life to support you and to give love in a difficult period, that is what soul loves are for. It is not wrong to help someone leave a partner. If you are honest with him and feel something for someone else, then there is nothing wrong.

Answer 2
If I am asked for help, it seems to be fine. But I know of several cases where it was certainly not the intention that the soul love helped the other person to leave a relationship. It seems to me that in the first place you will respect the other person’s decision and let them make their own decisions. Before you know it, the other trades in one dependency for the other. While we will first have to learn to be ourselves completely before we can start a full 1 on 1 relationship with our twin. The relationship could otherwise easily break up.

Answer 3
Why will a soul love have to help you? What does your soul love know about the relationship you have had with your partner. You should do that yourself if you no longer realize that it no longer works.

Thank you for the responses . I am the questioner. @ antw.3: I am not saying that he had to help me, but that’s how it went through a one-off meeting. A bit short through the bend to say that I have to do it myself. If you read my story well, you can read that I fought very hard for it but it didn’t work. If you try, but also have to keep an eye on the safety of yourself and your children, things are sometimes more complicated. I am only saying that because of his unexpected and unplanned intervention, that which I fought for all that time, suddenly came there. (Unknown)

Answer 4
You have nothing to do with it, I think, stay away, on earthly and on souls, medium level, stay away. You also have to be able to stand on your own two, both of you and your twin, so you have to deal with the situation what it is like.

Answer 5
I recognize it. My twinflame is not the cause of my divorce, but it has accelerated the process. I see him as my temporary earthly angel who has brought me from one platform to another. Know my twinflame for over 20 years. Every time and again I come across life. He was 18 years older. Not at all my type, but oh what a strong attraction. I also had an up and down relationship for six years in succession. I finally lost it. He was in a relationship he couldn’t get rid of and I tried to continue my life instead of keeping my life on hold. I had to think about myself and keep going. But he somehow stopped me from entering into a relationship with anyone. That made me angry, sad and all at once. Now he passed away three months ago and I feel relief, however strange it may sound. Because now I can continue my life. I do not know if I will ever be able to feel such a love for another, but I will let life run its course. Because of all the misery I have grown enormously, and I am now free, happy, independent and happy with myself. Does anyone recognize themselves in this?