Q1119. Why does it not click completely in real life?


I am 100 percent sure that I have found my twinflame. The first meeting was great, it felt like ‘coming home’ We merged, became one. We sense each other remotely and stay connected. The feeling of pulling towards each other hangs like a line between us. But now, in my opinion, something crazy has happened, after some meetings we seem to create a distance. We get tired of each other and we struggle. If we touch each other it still feels super good. But now it seems to be something of attracting and repelling. Is there anyone here who has experience with this? What is the purpose of this? How can a feeling be so incredibly true and can things like this happen? Isn’t it supposed to be perfect? Doesn’t it feel that way? Why do the soul and the person sometimes feel like different aspects?

Answer 1
Well I have that for years, so I can go well with her for years, I think. I also feel her for years and she keeps thinking about me otherwise I don’t feel her. We have no contact in earthly things and it could be so beautiful, I am convinced. Too bad she does not want to and I do, we are soul lovers, after all, why does she choose someone else? I don’t understand that. nothing connected for eternity and also after death because life just goes on. Why should it be as difficult as it can be.

Answer 2
Perhaps it is because both of you are afraid or insecure. That you do not dare to meet in the earthly contact and you do want to. Energetic is much easier than in real life. Nobody understands it and nobody knows it except my parents, but they don’t understand it either, although that is logical of course. Only my soul love understands it and I would like to talk to her about it.

Answer 3
This is one hundred percent the story of my twinflame and me .. Literally. In our case we are both not yet ready for it. But that will come. I’m convinced of that. It feels too good for that. I’m growing now, going through a huge transformation. I’m finally really becoming myself. And that is enjoyment after so many years … This only happened when we really became detached from each other through anger and misunderstanding. It had to happen to make me grow. But it also hurts a lot. Fortunately I see the signs that reassure me. But at the moments that I doubt whether it will really be alright, it hurts a lot. But I have to keep looking ahead and concentrate on myself. Sometimes that is very difficult. But it has only just happened. The transformation has been set in motion by the encounter and the relationship with my twinflame. But we both have to develop further separately until we are ready. Hopefully it won’t take too long ..!

Answer 4
My 12 year old son gave me the answer yesterday (I am experiencing the same thing). He said; “His soul already knows what the intention is, but he doesn’t know it yet.”

Answer 5
A question to the person asking the question; Have you had a relationship, or did it come after a few meetings? Not that it matters much, but was just as curious. With us, the attraction and rejection came after 2 months in the relationship and then had another relationship for 5 months. After that we stayed in touch for another 7 months until we had to let go because of disappointment, struggle and fatigue. I learned during the relationship, and during those 7 months thereafter there have been mainly lows. In retrospect it might have been better if we had let go earlier, but we couldn’t. Since I let go, I have really gained my strength, something I never expected. I hope that he has also benefited from this whole process and I also hope that it will work out for us somehow, because I miss him in real life. What I want to say is that if it were all just fun and perfect, both of you would not get that growth! barges needed. Look especially at yourself. Of course, the other person also has his / her shortcomings, but you can’t change that, only he / she can do that. The only thing you can do yourself is look inside and work on yourself and hope that the other will do the same. Strength!

Hello everyone, thank you for all the answers (I am the questioner) but I would also like to state that we do have contact in Earth life and I also mean that with the encounters. We have seen each other a number of times and also had sex. (that is not comparable to any other sexual experience, so special) (Iris) Response wow answer number 4: beautiful! That really touches me. Seeing soul and his person indeed seem to be two different beings. greetings (questioner) (Iris) Response to answer number 5: we have had no relationship no, so far it has remained at a number of meetings. He is not at all spiritual (he says) and he therefore thinks that we do not fit together well enough. He does indicate that the feeling between us is ultimate, he is very double in that. We still have daily contact. I am also a little worried that if we enter into a relationship it is now too early or something, but I think that if you experience soul love you should just dare to go for it. Maybe I am a bit ‘further’ than him. Time will tell. I am happy for you that in the end it has given you more power, I also think that these types of connections have great support from the universe. Thank you for your response, greetings Iris (questioner) (Iris)

Answer 6
I recognize this immediately, among other things Not being able to respond normally when others are there, saying things that e don’t want to say etc. I can feel him energetically well, also seen a lot in dreams and experienced things including that he is the true one… And then comes the doubt that I am predicting this myself. He has recently had a relationship, he is enormously in his head. I haven’t seen him in a while, maybe it’s something that will come in years or maybe never… Very difficult